Meet Unboxed

Meet Unboxed

Meet Unboxed,

I am Lukas, a 23 year old Ma student and basketball player. As every basketball player, I am inspired by Michael Jordan. His Jordans are what introduced me to the sneaker culture in 2013. Over the past few years, I discovered many other brands of sneakers and fashion in general. So, what is UNBOXED exactly?

As the name suggests, UNBOXED will be a buy-sell-trade new and used (or unboxed) sneakers, clothing and accessories.

We still believe sneakers and clothing are meant to be worn, and accessories should be unboxed. And want to motivate you in doing so! This is why we will also allow you to sell us your collections of used pairs.

We want to focus on being as user friendly in doing all of this, while also guaranteeing you that every product sold on our website is 100% authentic, as they all go through our verification process.

Now, does this mean we will accept just any pair? No. We aim at having the best possible selection of sneakers for our clients. Used does not equal beaten up, stinky or any other default that would make the pair unacceptable. We focus on sneakers that have been taken care of, and we also truly want to focus on the unboxed grails. Our selection will expand as our store grows. (Some examples of pairs we are aiming at: 1985 Jordan 1's, any original colorway of Jordans from any release year, collaborations, sb dunks, samples, Yeezy's, and much more!)

Does this mean we are not interested in new pairs? Again no, we are just as interested in new pairs as we are in unboxed ones! As mentioned before, we want to give our community the best selection possible. This obviously also includes new sneakers. 


Happy shopping!


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